Driver Boards

Driver boards are used to control features (coils, leds/lamps, motors, etc) on a pinball machine or in other applications. They can be driven by a P-ROC, a P3-ROC, and many other programmable microcontroller-type devices.

Each driver board has an RS-485 serial interface so that it can be chained to other driver boards. Therefore, you can use as many boards as your application requires. Further, since the serial interface will continue to work at distances well over 10 feet (100 feet even), you can locate the boards in the backbox, under the playfield, or anywhere else in your machine.

There are 4 types of driver boards:

Power Driver 16


Control 16 high current devices (2 fused banks of 8)

Power Driver Matrix 8x8


Control an 8x8 lamp matrix



Control 84 LEDs (28 RGB LEDs)



Connect a P-ROC to a chain of driver boards


The PD-LED has 84 individual drive pins and can therefore control up to 84 individual LEDs or 28 RGB LEDs (3 drive pins per RGB LED).

Each LED drive pin is individually controllable via the following functions:

  • Set Color (8-bits per LED, 24-bits per RGB LED) - The PD-LED automatically drives a pulse-width-modulated (PWM) signal to achieve the desired color.
  • Set Fade Rate
  • Fade - The PD-LED automatically adjusts the PWM signal over the specified rate to fade from the previously set color to a new one.

Please note - the PD-LED does not have LEDs on the board itself (except for a few status LEDs).  Rather, it provides connectors for driving external LEDs.  Because each application has its own needs and constraints, it's likely each design has different LED configurations.  Driving just about any configuration of LEDs is possible with one or more PD-LED boards.

Please note - the PD-LED is not intended to drive standard pinball-bulb-style LEDs.  Rather, it provides low current drivers for directly driving LED components.  If you want to drive standrd pinball-bulb-style LEDs, you'll want a PD-8x8, which will let you drive them in matrix fashion, similar to traditional machines.



Please note - the small LED boards shown in this video are not provided with a PD-LED board.


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Driver Boards


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Example Configurations

Here are a few examples of machine features and the corresponding number of driver boards to control them:

Game Features

Power Driver 16 Boards

Power Driver Matrix 8x8 Boards

PD-LED Boards

128 individually controlled features

8 0 0

32 individually controlled features


2 0 2

32 individually controlled features

1 8x8 lamp matrix


2 1 1
64 individually controlled features

2 8x8 lamp matrixes

4 2 0
56 individually controlled features

1 16x8 lamp matrix

84 single color LEDs

3 2 1

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Driver Board Questions.